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What We do

myGate ensures safety and security of gated enclaves by deploying BIAA (Behavioral Intelligence Augmented Authentication). Every entry to service providers, guests and visitors is resident initiated and authorised, therefore controlled.

Product Features

Everything that you desire to achieve from various disparate systems like access cards, bio-metrics or RFID, myGate can provide all those values in a simple, consistent and easy solution.

Digital validation of all staff and residents

We apply corporate concept of secure access by providing unique IDs to all staff and residents, with complete audit history in the hands of residents.

Complete attendance management

Get complete attendance report for your staff at a click of a button. Yes, we avoid proxy without biometrics!

Infrastructure free vehicle tracking

Yes, myGate can identify vehicles of residents without a sticker or RFID! myGate can keep track of visitor vehicles as well.

Multi-tiered access system

myGate is an out-of-box multi layer security system. It can be configured at internal entry-exit gates within a complex so that visitors can only visit approved areas.

e-intercom™ for visitor authentication

We enable visitor authentication from residents without depending on your wired intercom.

Automated guest authentication

Pre-authorize your guest for hassle free entry at the gate without depending on an OTP.

Real time domestic help management

Get instant information about presence of your domestic help with ability to hire them with reviews/ratings.

Management Committee/ Facility Office Dashboard

Real time reporting, digital profiles, attendance, intelligent reports for proactive actions and much more.

Turn-key approach

Our team takes complete responsibility of implementation which includes on-boarding of all staff and service providers including domestic helps.

No extra or hidden charges

Our offering comes with support bundled. We conduct holistic and continuous training to guards and facility staff at no extra cost.

Hardware Integrations

Even though myGate eliminates the need of hardware such as biometric system and RFIDs, we can easily integrate with them.

Instant "Security Alert"

You can notify the guards using “Security Alert” feature of the app for immediate attention.

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Our Policy

We will never give, rent or sell access to your data to anyone else, nor will we make use of it ourselves for any purpose other than to provide you this service.

Data security

Your information is protected by software at several different levels. SSL (HTTPS) is used throughout the application. We use AWS for our operations and the data is stored in secure servers in a virtual private cloud. The data is further protected by firewalls, access restrictions, and key information is encrypted when stored. Our security is regularly and thoroughly tested by external software security experts who make recommendations for new methods we could use to increase the security around your data. After each review our team examines and implements any required changes.

Our Clients

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